Holding Salvation’s Door Open.

We get on an elevator, glance outward, and if someone else is headed toward the doors, we kindly extend our hand to keep the doors from closing on them (or hold in that little button). It’s just common courtesy right? We have had the doors held for us, so it just seems gracious to want to hold that door open for others. So why is it that within churches and individuals (in general) there is a sense that once we are “saved” it is time to close the doors and head up? We got on in time, and that’s it. There is a growing mentality among Christians to assume that they were the last one, no one else is behind them, so let’s get this elevator moving.

“… and consider that the longsuffering (or patience) of our Lord is salvation” – 2 Peter 3:15a

We are somewhere in the neighborhood of 2000 years since the departure of Christ. The church and Christians have endured all kinds of suffering for the gospel to have reached you and me in our time. How selfish is it then to want the door to the Ark of salvation close behind us, unwilling to wait upon the Lord. We should stand ready and be watching and waiting, not slack in doctrine and life, knowing that we may be the means to the Gospel enduring for generations to come, waiting ourselves for God to declare the time, when He will close and seal history.

The next generation(s) cannot rest upon the faith of this or prior generation(s), but must be built up to know and understand the faith that we hold dear, so they can make it their own. How will they know of salvation, grace and faith if we are so eager to leave them behind and depart? How much can you learn from a teacher who is packing their bags headed for the airport, and not in the classroom? Let’s stay where we are and focus on the work before us. Let us be patience hold the door open for others.

May God bless us in our study of His word, and the sharing of it, inside and outside of His church.


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