Original Sin is like

“The original sin in a man is like his beard, which, though shaved off today so that a man is very smooth around his mouth, yet grows again by tomorrow morning. As long as a man lives, such growth of the hair and the beard does not stop. But when the shovel beats the ground on his grave , it stops. Just so original sin remains in us and bestirs itself as long as we live, but we must resist it and always cut off its hair”.

“As often as we see thorns and thistles, as often as we see tares and other worthless weeds in our fields and gardens, we are reminded, as by unmistakable signs, of sin and the wrath of God. Not only in churches, then, do we hear that we are sinners. All our fields, nay, almost the whole of creation is full of preachers reminding us of our sin and the wrath of God which has been aroused through sin.”

“Original sin is in us at birth; yet it is hidden to all the world, and our powers, our reasoning and thinking do not reveal it, but rather obscure, defend, and excuse it.”

– Quotes of Martin Luther


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