Acts 21:27-22 Overview

Acts 21:27 – 24:27 Still attending a Sunday School class vicariously through my wife Having studied this with the possibility to teach it, just through I’d share the outline.

Book Themes: Acts of the Holy Spirit. Spread of the Gospel Acts 1:8 = 6:7; 9:31; 12:24; 19:20; 28:31 Events and Dialogues in History narratives as recorded/reported by Luke.

A lot of incomplete events going on to me signifying that the work of the Gospel is spreading and is never reaching a completion phase. It is ongoing and still spreading.

Lots of events are similar to that of Jesus (see highlight). Not saying that Paul typifies Christ, but that what Jesus taught was true, His disciples would face some of the same things as their teacher (John 15:18-25)

21:26 – An Incomplete purification. It was normal for Jews returning from Gentile lands to go through purification. (Jesus – ready to die at Jerusalem Acts 21:13 similar to Luke 9:51)
– Paul signified that he agreed with the Law (being all things to all people, 1 Cor. 9:20-22) by submitting to the advice of James and in paying for the other 4 men.
– No rebuttal from Paul, argument from silence that he was willing to fulfill what James and the elders prescribed.
– 27-31, An incomplete killing, Asian Jews (Turkey) falsely accused Paul of bringing Greeks into the Temple – a capital offense (Similarly Jesus was falsely accused in His trials).
– 32-35, Army at hand, Temple fortress build by Herod stationed Roman troops. The commander steps in, thinking they are about to kill someone that had led the people astray before. Various people showed up in history doing this as Jesus warned (Matt. 24:23-26).
– 36, Away with him (Jesus) Luke 23:18, John 19:15
– 37-40, Commander – mistaken Identity, Felix had a history – of putting down insurrectionists. Many of which were rebelling against his brutal rule.

22:1 – 22 An interrupted testimony, Paul recounting his witness of Christ, yet upon reaching words about going to the Gentiles, the people uproar again.
– 23-29, an incomplete flogging – Citizenship is a huge deal in this day and age. You didn’t do anything against an actual citizen of Rome without proof and conviction. Emperor Claudius is who Lysias (23:26) paid to gain his freedom, as in having to take his name seen in the letter.
– 30 summoning the Sanhedrin.


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