Research of and Discussions within Mormonism: 4

This is part of a collection of the questions and discussions I put together while researching the claims of Mormonism, reading their books and discussions had with their missionaries.

The Peal of Great Price (POGP):

This will really be an overview of the video that the good people at IRR put together about the Book of Abraham (a sub-book or chapter of the POGP) that can be viewed at:

Being the video is about an hour in length I’ve summarized a few of its points.
1. The Book of Abraham is a false record as a “translation.” Being Smith infers meaning from hieroglyphics into whole chapters. Nothing of the actual translation of the scroll relates anything to Abraham or the people of Israel.

2. The scroll has been verified to be the prayer of an Egyptian priest from a portion of the Egyptian book of the dead. It was a common burial rite for that time and region.
3. Smith’s book of Abraham far too long (over 4000 words) of a record from such a limited number of hieroglyphic characters (87 characters). That is quite a bit of embellishment, and yet with totally different content.
4. Hieroglyphs were not able to be translated in Smith’s time in the USA. Such translation work had only just begun to be understood overseas with the discovery of the Rosetta stone.
5. Nothing of the persons, events or locations given in the Book of Abraham relate to the actual scroll’s translation.
6. Smith’s claim to it being a form of “reformed Egyptian” as a written language, is unknown as a language (written or spoken) for any other culture or people.

Also within the POGP is the History of Joseph Smith:
Just a point about a date discrepancy. Given his known birth year and stated age of 15, his account of the “great excitement” of three denominations would be 1820, but no such event historically took place until 1824 as per those denominations church records and the city records of those years. More about Smith and his personal history will be discussed later in a review of the Book of Mormon.



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2 responses to “Research of and Discussions within Mormonism: 4

  1. NMack

    Dr. John,

    I would like to thank you for doing these posts and interacting on the first post. It has been helpful, and the more I learn of this from a confessional perspective the better. Much, and I do mean much, of my family are LDS. Thanks for the posts and keep up the good work!


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