Workplace Prayer

Glory to the God of all creation,

Who, completing His work, stated “it is finished.”

Knowing of your rest, I step out into the world believing

That within 6 days I have work to do by your grace.

Thank you God for the work of my hands,

May I have enough to meet my needs

May my work be a blessing to You and my family

May I not be tempted by too much success

May I work to uplift others, above myself, as You did for me

May I put aside stress, by reminding myself of your rest to come.

May I put aside pride to honor those who are better

May I strive to be faithful to you in my work

May I remember that I am ultimately working for you

May I treat customers with the overflowing grace you gave me

May I be honest in all I do and say, even in my mistakes

Bless my bosses with wisdom and grace

When they are not, bless me to know my place,

Bless me to accept correction,

that discipline can come at a heavy price

Bless me to know when to stay and make the best of things

Bless me to know when to leave and cleave to you

Bless me to talk with my coworkers as if strangers,

Because I do not subject strangers to sarcasm or jesting


Make me recall my treasures in heaven,

Eternally outweigh my check book

Make me recall Your image is upon all I meet

Make me recall that You see and know all I do

Make me recall that all the earth is yours,

I need not fear You running out of anything

Make me recall Your faithfulness to all those who preceded me

Make me recall that I do not earn Your favor, but live it out

Make me recall that without me the world will still go on as it has

Make me recall that You are coming back soon


By: John K. Leonard, Th.D

Workplace Prayer.


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