6 “Days” of Creation

6 “Days” of Creation.

I side with the literal 6 day, (24 hour periods) for the same reasons summarized from the articles linked below.

* Scholars note that the Hebrew word for “day” (yom) universally means a twenty-four hour solar day when preceded by ordinal numbers, as it is in this chapter. It’s foundational for all that Jews observe in the Law.
*It is hard to believe Moses’ original audience would have understood the period of creation as occupying a time span longer than a normal week.
* Work and rest could hardly serve as a pattern for our own if, unlike ours, He took longer than a week to finish laying the foundation of history (see Ex. 20:8–11). If it is ages then we can feel free to arrange our days and weeks as we see fit.
* It does not make sense that man was created over a million years (or whatever day-age time you wish) and then women do not come along until after that.
*Moses is not giving an astrology lesson, but stating as fact what God had revealed to him about created order.




I believe the Jews knew the concept of figurative language, and yet in building their sacrificial year, months and weeks around sabbatical periods of 6 days to work and a seventh to rest, leads me to believe that this is the original, inspired intent and interpretation. It’s a bit silly to me to come along some 15,000 after creation and interject something the holders of the OT canon did not consider a plausible interpretation.

The 2 Peter 3:8 reference usually brought up is, in context, related to the patience of the church in waiting upon the fulfillment of the promises of God. It is not a good practice to just take this from its context and apply it to creation. There is no indication within the Genesis account that patience is being discussed. I would say this is like taking the verses that deal with no sadness in heaven, applying them to Ecc. 1:18 – “For with much wisdom comes much sorrow…” and concluding that because there is no sadness in heaven there must not be any wisdom there either.

If God tells us the first day had evening and morning, like any other day, then I’m prepared to accept that as fact. I believe God can provide light, without there being a physical source, should He choose to do so. He provided a pillar of fire and smoke as He dwelt with Israel for a time without the need of wood being supplied. I don’t need to accommodate God to science.



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4 responses to “6 “Days” of Creation

  1. Thanks for that, John. I’m coming around back to the literal view myself. I was just disillusioned by Morris’ apparent plagiarism of George McReady Price besides having seen him endorse irresponsibly written fundamentalist literature in the past (namely a horrible book called New Age Bible Versions–he did later have the sense to retract that endorsement). It seems what I’ve learned is to not make it the litmus test of orthodoxy even though I see the other views as potential slippery slopes to denying essential truths like a historical Adam. But the fact that several leading lights of Reformed theology like Warfield and Machen either took other views or at least refrained from making 6 24 hour creation days a hill to die on are valuable examples in being reasonable and not divisive on the issue.

  2. Hi John! Good to hear from you. We agree as usual that this is nothing to hang salvation on, and there are tolerable differences that can be had within the realm of orthodoxy. I’m sure that there are purist on each side that would have us declare one way or the other as ultimate truth and all other is heresy (like KJV only peeps) but it’s just something to blog about and get some discussion going. Glad that some can have differences and yet still celebrate Christian unity.

  3. Rmac

    As we all know, this is a very tricky issue. For the sake of discussion, how old would you guys guess the earth to be? I am curious. One of the big problems I find in any discussion between Christians on this issue is what is loaded into the terms. Literal 6 day tends to be pegged as young earth and dinosaurs existing with man, etc. Framework tends to get pegged into a non-historical Adam, and evolution from primordial soup. Both of these are silly cliches. Yet that is what typically is truly being meant by your normal person in this discussion. One can believe in framework and not believe in human evolution at all, as well a a truly historical Adam, etc. Just as one can believe in literal 6 days of creation yet not believe the earth is any younger than 4 billion years old. I merely bring this up because I was a Christian first before I became interested in Geology. I studied theology before I studied the rocks. Having studied the rocks, I (and this is just my opinion) am convinced of a very old earth. Having studied the bible, I am convinced of a true Adam, a true Garden, etc. I find no conflict between these two views, yet many do, and so I do my best to not harm the conscience of my brother. I am thankful our reformed traditions have agreed.

  4. Rmac

    I will also add, this issue was not that big of a deal to early Christians. They had much more important things on their mind. I think we tend to read back into history with our current concerns all too often. It is also possible that not too many have truly tried to interpret the bible and come up with a legit theory today, since we tend to not check what has been argued over…maybe there is a better way at looking into this issue. We seem to get caught up in an our side vs your side theological debate, when there could be a better way, a way that embraces orthodox confessional (biblical) beliefs as well. What that is? Who knows. There are certain things we cannot dispute, of course, hence the confessions. On this issue, both sides (I am implying 6 day and framework since I think they are the best available,) have problems.

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