Spreading of Islam

The spread of Islam will further promote and speed its downfall. Within Islamic nations the war continues between the Sunni and Shiite Muslims for superiority and some form of control. The spread of Islam into the rest of the world has been much like pouring a concentrate into gallons of water. It has become more and more diluted as it spreads. The culture in general just knows how to corrupt things until it destroys them. Look at all the other ancient religions of Egypt, Greece and Rome. Society takes of them what they want and confound them until they are nothing but tiny shreds of paper. Christianity has gone through this and still struggles to maintain its doctrines, as the world confounds the scriptures into everything from self-help to leadership principles. I imagine Islam will fare far worse. In fact I imagine that as it grows and spreads it will dilute to the degree that it disappears altogether.  The show All American Muslim already depicts the trend and so promotes it. The outward rites are disappearing from one generation to the next, and thus all that one can foresee lasting longer is it moral or spiritual teachings. But Muhammad was no Jesus, Buddha or Confucius and so offers very little in-depth views or insight about God. As Muslims interact more and more with modern culture, how will it withstand textual, source, form, tradition, redaction and other forms of criticisms? It’s hardly scholarly to refute those who bring up such questions with just threats of jihad. There are either answers or not.

So as mosques are erected here and there around the city, I don’t fear or lament. They may whisk away the masses at first, and yet it is just giving place to the world, and those who were not Christian to begin with. They will go the way of the mega-church over time, diluting the masses into burnout.

The Italian poet Boccaccio told a story about a Jew who came to Rome and embraced Christianity on the basis that any religion that could survive such iniquities of its leaders must be the true faith. He thought that if Christianity could still exist after all of this, there is something amazing about it.

Whether it’s the leaders or the people in general it is quite amazing that Christianity has survived all that has attacked it. It is quite a grand work of God’s providence that the doctrines of Grace still exist and are promoted by those who are willing and able by the grace of God to stand fast for the faith.

Spreading of Islam.



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