Atheists, the Prodigal Sons

The Atheist acts like the prodigal son from the parable of Jesus in Luke 15:11-32. He wants all that God has to offer in life and fortune, and yet wishes the one providing all he has in this life were dead and gone. They are fascinated with the inheritance they received and want nothing to do with the one who provided it. Until they reach a point of crisis, as did the one son, when all they have been given is stripped away, do they realize the love and care of the father. Most atheists are still in the stage of living life the way they see fit, not yet understanding the temporal and illogical nature of such a life that will one day, either in this life or the next, be reduced to nothing. God willing they will one day return to the Father they are fleeing from. If they remain unchanged in their estate, then the best of this life is due them, as it is the best of times they can hope for, facing an eternity of troubles.


Atheists, the Prodigal Sons.


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