The problem with fundamentalism within Christianity is the attempt to raise a set of doctrines over and above others in the area of importance.  There is nothing of salvation that says you must know X but Y is questionable to know or observe. We have the full council of God to heed and become disciples of. Even in the context of preaching some fundamentalists would suggest that there are only so many passages worth preaching that are “gospel” as so the rest can be skipped over (another way of expressing neglect) in favor of promoting the good news and salvation. But there are millions of Christians who came to faith in not just those “gospel” passages but from what we would consider maybe obscure passages. We discredit the Holy Spirit and make the word of God a stumbling block when we see in its content verses or books that “we” deem to be of little or no use to salvation or the Christian life. To be certain there are things that even the most educated, prayerful, and studious theologians cannot answer concerning God’s word, that does not make the whole irrelevant, and so we should beach content ourselves with only what appeals to us. No, we, by faith, lay hold of Christ and allow the word of God to mold us day by day. Those areas that may not be as illuminated to us today, may be the very restoration of the joy of our salvation another day. Our faith may be that small childlike faith that trusts God and holds on to Jesus, yet it will grow and flurish as we add to it the full council of God. Let us not limit the things of God.    




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