A rose by any other name is still … sin

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet” is a quotation from William Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet. The thought conveyed is that in changing the name of a rose to something else will not change its scent, look or essential character. I agree this is true, but if I would offer my wife a rose, but call it a skunk flower, she will probably refuse to smell it or hold it. She can recognize that it’s a rose, but I may catch her off guard by the name I give it. Thus, the name I gave it tainted the gift itself. I took something pleasant and made it seem to be something offensive, from something warm and loving to being something of questionable intent, at best. Now think of this in the opposite. Let’s take sin and call it something less than what Scripture makes it out to be, like a mistake. Then it is no longer anything someone might perceive God should be angry about, I mean come on, it was just a mistake. To claim a mistake or error in judgment is to make the plea that one did it unintentionally. This is typically to get the offended party to drop their offensive pose as if ignorance was excuse. But God does not allow for ignorance. We have all the testimony we need to acknowledge Him (Romans 1). So to not acknowledge Him and His requirements as our Creator means that we were not seeking to please Him in the first place. Our unintentional sin is our blatant disregard for God. Our not having His offense in mind is just cause for God to consider our “mistake” to be blatant sin. But again the perception is confused to the masses who do not know the real character of sin. If a pastor or church will not truly confess what sin is, then their congregants will never feel a need to repent and turn from anything. 

A rose by any other name is still … sin.


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