Spiritual Warfare, Teens, Lust and Depression

To resist the devil is not to stand toe to toe with him and shout, “I resist you.” Rather it is to just turn our full attention to Christ and good works. To modern teens it might look something like this.

Satan: “You’re alone, and that’s sad, why not just give yourself to a BF/GF and settle on someone, there is no one perfect.”

Christian: “I’m not alone, God is always with me, and He never leaves or forsakes me and He is perfect. “

Satan: “You cannot see God, but you can see all these good looking gals/guys, don’t you just want one for yourself?”

Christian: “I see pride and selfishness in some people, and although I do not see God face to face, I will one day, and in the meantime He shows Himself to me in the providence of care and love every day.”

Satan: “But you cannot hear God, don’t you want someone to just whisper sweet flirty stuff in your ear?”

Christian: “The sweet talk of others is usually so they get something they want from me, I don’t trust it. And God does give me something more concrete than a whisper. He gives me the Bible, and record of His love and words of truth telling me not what I want to hear, but what I needed to hear in love.”

Satan: “That’s nice and all, but what about someone to hold, snuggle and comfort you, surely you need a BF/GF for that.”

Christian: “Jesus didn’t just save me, but a whole church body full of people, friends and family, all of whom I can hold and hug, and find comfort and rest when I need it. Also being part of a body I have the opportunity to give back to so many others, rather than just looking out for my own personal comfort, we are in this together, till the end. “

This is what it is to resist the devil and look to Christ (well at least one version of it). The longing and hope for a suitable soul mate is before God all the time, and He is preparing someone for you and you for someone. In the meantime, don’t dwell on the loneliness but move on in growth. Life is more fun lived than tweeted about? Guys tweeting about wanting a godly gal don’t fool yourselves; you want God with a mix of the world. You want a godly gal as long as she looks like one of these types from a billboard or magazine. Gals, you’re in the same boat. I read lots of conversations about seeking godly men but if they are the socially awkward guy in Sunday school, who has answers, and knows his Bible well, yet does not look like Bieber, then his godliness is not so attractive anymore. We are all sinners and our hearts yearn to compromise. But resist! Be humble and honest about the remains of sin, and bring it before God. Stand firm in the truth, faith and with prayer, put on the whole armor of God.


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