The Trinity of God – Diagrams

I tried to diagram this out as best and as humbly as I could.

Hope these help.





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3 responses to “The Trinity of God – Diagrams

  1. Ben

    I don’t believe the trinity doctrine makes any sense. If we were created in God’s image, how can he be formless? Also, is not the holy spirit His very power that he “pours” out?

    • Hi Ben, thanks for the comment. A few brief answers. We will never fully grasp God and how He is trinitarian in His being, but that’s the way He reveals Himself in scripture. Next we are created in His image in a moral sense, not in physical appearance and design. We reflect the glory and honor of God in creation the way a painting reflects the glory, creativity and wisdom of the artist who in and of himself is not a flat canvas of paint ( a lacking illustration as its impossible to capture the full difference in human terms). Lastly the Holy Spirit is described in scripture as a person distinct from the Father and Son, more than just power, He is involved in our regeneration, sanctification, witnesses to us of Jesus, convicts us of our sins, and of whom Jesus states is more blasphemous to sin against the Spirit than himself. Yet as the first piece of the diagram historically points out, the Holy Spirit is of the same substance with the Father and Son.

  2. Good visual. I hate it when people refer to the Bible as the third person of the Trinity. It’s God’s revealed word but people like not emphasizing its importance. That way they avoid inerrancy and authority of Scripture issues.

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