Faith as like an IV (intravenous).

So I’ve heard of the faith/chair illustration for years and just wanted to try something that more conveys the instrumentality of faith. Thoughts and tweaks welcome.

Faith is as an IV:

The power is not having the IV in your arm but the blood it imputes to you. You don’t give yourself an IV, the Holy Spirt connects you. The Blood is Christ’s. The IV is necessary because of how the blood must be applied internally, it does no good to just hold the bag of blood, known it’s power, or to apply it to you any other way. The IV must be continuously connected, as it is our access to the life which is in the blood, until we are fully recovered. The stronger the IV flow the more blood is received as it cleanses us more and more.



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2 responses to “Faith as like an IV (intravenous).

  1. Holy dialysis, Batman! Or is that a holy blood transfusion? The Holy Spirit-implanted IV is the faith which facilitates your reception of all the benefits of the blood of Christ. As we used to say at Baptist Bible College: that’ll preach, brother.

    So does the analogy break down with the permanence of the IV? Wouldn’t the right amount of blood now present in the system be sufficient to do the job?

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