Christ our Peace

Philippians 4:7. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. 

We are told here that in relation to casting our prayers to God about our anxieties (verse 6) there is a peace that is above our normal understanding and which guards our heart and mind. Now in relation to my previous post this too should be seen as focused on being united to Christ. 

We all want to find peace, as in a relaxed and quiet life where everyone and everything caters to our personal happiness. This is not what this verse has in view. Instead when Christ is your peace between you and God, then no matter how bad the circumstances of life, you have peace.  You cannot pursue “peace” as a feeling and expect to find anything that lasts in upholding the feeling. Instead the New Testament church could face all sorts of persecution because they had Christ, and therefore peace with God. This peace passes our understanding because we really cannot conceive of the mercy and love it took within a perfectly righteous God to forgive sinners and award us an inheritance equal to what His only Son deserves. 

Reflecting on such love and peace, we can face a very non-peaceful world and circumstances and say with Paul, that the troubles of this life don’t even compare to the eternal glories that await us. What a guard or stronghold this is to our hearts and minds when what might be threatening to us in this life comes at us. We can stand fast buffered by the not yet, awaiting the fulfillment of what we have already. We are perfectly positioned between two extremes, by which we witness to Christ, the peace of God. 

The Apostles never knew the easy quiet life, yet clearly knew a peace that comes in the person and work of Christ. 


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