Servant Leaders

As presidential discussions begin, I find important to review what a servant leader should be in government or even the church. A leader is to be like the head of a body, knowing how all the parts work and function. They do not relish in the position but see it as being the one who will mobilize the body towards good works, preservation, and a direction that has the betterment of the whole body in mind. The leader as head seeks to resolve issues within the body without separation or marginalizing, because who heals a rash by cutting off the pieces that have it? Yet a leader knows when discipline is necessary to keep the body working together. 

A leader gives the body a sense of identity, community and direction. A leader has instilled identity when everyone gets a feel for who they are and the role they play in the body, so no one person or group is left out. A leader has instilled community when there is a standard by which all can live and know the boundaries of justice, discipline and good will. A leader has instilled direction when all know and work towards a common goal and see others as partners instead of as individuals all seeking their own welfare. Without national goals, the individual goal is all that remains, inwhich all pursue selfish ambitions where others are either roadblocks or steppingstones for personal gratification instead of treating people as people. 


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