Weary but not abandoned 

2 Corinthians 4:8

Everyone is hurting and more so than usual in these dark, anxious and uncertain times. There exists so little peace and rest that everyone is, at least emotionally, grabbing for and hoarding what they can get. Christians are no different, most are more tired, burned out, and anxious as everyone else. 

Where the Christian can be different is to be calm, humble and trusting of God to see them through the now, knowing He shares their burden. This is no incantation that halts all worldly woes and makes bills and illnesses disappear, but it’s a refreshing balm to help one keep on keeping on just a little more each day for His name and glory. By extending what grace we can to others, even when we ourselves are hurting and at the brink, is to have faith in God, that He will see you through, having gone beyond the brink to conquer and subdue what was there and turning it into our peace. 


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