World in the hands of an angry God

We are so often used to being graded on individual merit that most live, pray and worship as such, not caring much about anyone else unless they happen to supply them with some tangible sense of material blessings. We want blessing without trials, meaningful relationships without any strings, responsibilities or heartache and wisdom without any experience. We have been blessed, but what have we made of our blessing/inheritance to-date? I fear we have made no better use than that of the prodigal son. We’ve wasted it, or at least made a mess of it. As we come to God in prayer we ask for more blessings to not only replace what we’ve squandered but we demand He clean up the mess we have made of things. If you think a parent would be outraged at such a scenario, how much more the almighty God of all creation who is in character justice, holiness and righteous? God cannot be anything but angry with the way things are. The church is sadly lacking it’s saltiness anymore, as we make little to no noise lamenting the sins of ourselves and our nation. We dare not seek His face, because we are not concerned that He might be angry, sad or disappointed. Seeing Him in this way would harm our self esteem, as we want to believe we are doing pretty good. God forgive us! Provide your grace and Spirit upon us that we might be the people and children you’ve called us to be. Without these we cannot do any better than what we are doing. Yet help us to take action in our sanctification. May we cast off any spirit of entitlement and seek to live and work as unto God and learn, earn and make a holy use of the blessings you’ve given us. Restore, magnify and exalt your name upon the earth once again. If this should be the end, then help your people stay strong and true until the end, and spare these the distress and punishments meant for the world. 


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One response to “World in the hands of an angry God

  1. Barbara Stafford

    I agree John. We are to be partakers of His sufferings. How can we think we should escape this? What right have we to think this? We are made strong in them as we realize how much we need Him and grow to depend on Him. Yes the church is losing it’s light and saltiness and God will take us out of here if we are to be of no further use to Him.

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