How to maintain your love for God. Part 1

Summary points from “Keeping the Heart” by John Flavel

How to maintain your love for God: in times of prosperity:

1. Consider how dangerous a condition it is to be outwardly prosperous. 

2. Consider how many have fallen while in this condition.

3. Consider that prosperity does not increase ones value before God. 

4. Consider those who have gone on to hate where prosperity led them in life, even despising of life itself. 

5. Consider the clogging nature of earthly things to the soul. Their distraction and upkeep 

6. Consider the day of reckoning and what has been done with such great mercies 

7.1 Consider those that the higher God raised them, the lower they laid themselves 

7.2 Consider saints of old that did not put the crown upon their own head, but laid them at Christ’s feet. 

7.3 Consider the mercies that are to melt your heart so you may rejoice in the Lord. 

7.4 Consider the greater obligation to love and glorify God in prosperity 

7.5 Consider how the prosperity has made you more fit for some service 
How to maintain your love for God: in times of adversity:

1. Consider God is faithfully orders all these afflictions toward the sanctification of his people. 

2. Consider that although God is free to afflict his people, he has bound himself by a promise to never leave or forsake us. 

3. Consider that God is as a your own Father, knowing what’s best for us. 

4. Consider that God respects you as much in a low as in a high condition. 

5. Consider that by the loss of outward comforts your soul is withheld from the ruining power of temptation. 

6. Consider that this season may be what you have long prayed for, that in the removal of a lust, God has also taken away the food and fuel of it. 

7. Consider that you would welcome the adversity if you could but see Gods whole and perfect plan for you. 

8. Consider that by fretting and discontent you do yourself more injury than all your afflictions could do. 

9. Compare the condition you are now in, with those who would gladly be in your place and not in hell. 


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