How to maintain your love for God: when the world is in an uproar

Summary points from “Keeping the Heart” by John Flavel
How to maintain your love for God: when the world is in an uproar: 
1. Look upon all creatures as in the hand of God, who manages them in all their motions, limiting, restraining and determining them at his pleasure. 

2. Remember that this God in whose hand are all creatures, is your Father, and is much more tender of you than than you are, or can be, of yourself. 

3. Urge upon your heart the express prohibitions of Christ not to fear when we shall hear of wars and commotions, nor fear man. 

4. Remember how much needless trouble your vain fears have brought upon you formerly. 

5. Consider that your imagined fear is greater than what you would face should the worst come to pass. 

6. Consult the many precious promises which are written for your support and comfort in all dangers. 

7. Quiet your trembling heart by recording and reviewing your past experiences of the care and faithfulness of God in former distresses. 

8. Be well satisfied that you are in the way of your duty, and that will beget holy courage in times of danger. 

9. Get your conscience sprinkled with the blood of Christ from all guilt, and that will set your heart above all fear. 

10. Make it your practice/business/exercise to trust God with your life. 

11. Determine to honor religion more than your personal safety and comfort. 

12. He that would secure his heart from fear, must first secure the eternal interest of his soul in the hands of Jesus Christ. 

13. Learn to quench all slavish creature-fears in the reverential fear of God. 

14. Pour out to God in prayer those fears which the devil and your own unbelief pour in upon you in times of danger. 


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