How to maintain your love for God: when duty/work calls

Summary points from “Keeping the Heart” by John Flavel
1. Set aside time for solemn preparation to meet God in your work. 

2. Set a guard on your senses, close your eyes so you can see. 

3. Beg of God a mortified fancy (between sense and understanding) -or don’t over interpret your work and situation, you don’t know what God is up to. 

4. Realize the holy and awful presence of God in the midst of your duty/work day. 

5. Maintain a prayerful frame of mind. 

6. Bend your thoughts to the affection of God and engage them warmly. 

7. When disturbed, humble yourself and call in assistance from Heaven. 

8. Look upon the successful and comforts of your duty as depending on keeping your heart close to God. 

9. Regard carefulness and carelessness as gauges of you sincerity or hypocrisy.

10. Consider what influence all your duties will have upon your eternity. 


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