How to maintain your love for God: when abused and injured by others: 

Summary points from “Keeping the Heart” by John Flavel
1. Consider the strong prohibitions of revenge contained in scripture 

2. Set before your eyes the most eminent patterns of meekness and forgiveness, that you may feel the force of their example 

3. Consider the character of the person that wronged you

4. If a wicked man, he is to be pitied 

5. Revenge only satisfies a sinful itch, forgiveness conquers and removes it

6. Seriously ask, “Have I got any good by means of the wrongs and injuries which I have received?”

7. Consider by whom all your troubles are ordered (God) 

8. Consider how daily and hourly we wrong, abuse and injure God

9. Let the consideration of the day of the Lord and its drawing nigh, restrain you from acts of revenge 


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