God, Love, Marriage & Loneliness

I love my wife so much! It’s not because of all the stuff she does, our commonalities, her sense of humor or her being smarter than I. I can just lover her, all those qualities about her and more because I can see in us the picture of God’s love for me (and us). Without God’s love first I’m sure we’d place those expectations upon each other and that’s a weight neither of us could bear. 
By way of advice, I know so many who want to just be “married”, as if that’s the cure for loneliness. It’s really not if you don’t have the right expectations and can really commit to someone without needing to get something from them. Something you should already be getting from God. 
I sarcastically imagine God hears prayers from young Christians all the time asking for spouses, love, success and the like, all the while He’s thinking “Sorry all you got in this gospel deal was Me.” Yet some have the guts to even get angry with God that He has not condescended to their will. I guess if your that angry with Him you can always nail Him to a tree, oh wait we did that already. 
If you say you trust God, then really trust that you have “God”. You shouldn’t need anyone else. If you ask for and He should grant you a spouse, don’t expect from him or her anything more than that their love and happiness are from God too. Then it’s an easy partnership and loving marriage where two people find themselves absorbed in serving and giving themselves in love to each other. A giving that I see in Whitney as God’s unfolding daily love. I love you Whitney. 


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