Post-postmodern reduction of morals

Current notions of coexistence are being proposed and propagated by liberal thinkers that strive to limit morals so that no one is offended. But a moral principle of coexistence cannot be the forced reduction of all moral codes to where no one is offended, for then there is no civil ethic and only anarchy and chaos. At best it can forbid individuals from exercising discipline of their moral principles upon an individual or group outside of its own adherents. This does not forbid a group from having moral principles that differ from others, and although one group may judge those outside of its body to be more or less wrong, misguided or heretical, no group can claim superiority by mandating others drop their positions because of the offense felt in being outside the bounds of what another group accepts. This should give all groups room to promote, advertise and recruit as best they can to convince others. Seekers and others can create groups to support their positions, but cannot demand the approval or acceptance of other groups. 


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