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I love being a husband to Whitney and dad to Hayley, Melody and my son John Calvin (JC)! I’ve been ordained via Southern Baptist, and have my Doctorate in Theology, and Masters in Divinity from Andersonville Theological Seminary, and yet am a Deacon and Sunday school teacher of Mid-Cities Presbyterian Church (OPC) in Bedford Texas (go figure). So I’m a convert to Reformed/Calvinistic/Puritan/Biblical theology yet am well versed in other denominations schools of thought, philosophies and psychologies. I admit this path puts me at a disadvantage because Reformation based denominations don’t approve of my schooling and non-reformation folk don’t approve of my Presbyterian convictions. Yet it helps me tremendously relate to all.

I love my life as a Christian, lumps, bumps and all!  I continue to take classes through Westminster, Covenant and Reformed seminaries, studying practical, historical and systematic theology and studies in philosophy, ethics, psychology and counseling. I enjoy my family, playing with my kids, hitting a bucket of balls at the driving range, photography and working out.

By grace I’m employed in the regulatory compliance world of auto finance, but constantly have my eyes Godward, should a call to full-time ministry come through, as God permits, whether teaching or pastoring, and/or just writing books. Anyone need a Bible/Theology prof??

I welcome any and all questions. Peace and grace!

Numbers 6: 24-26

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5 responses to “About John

  1. luvthetriunegod

    Hello. I was considering attending Andersonville, and I would like to ask you a few questions regarding the school. Would you mind?

  2. Whitney Leonard

    Happy Birthday!!!

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